Hello world!

Hello! Welcome to YarnEdit.Tech, the site where yarn and math come together, where right brain and left brain work as one, where art and STEM form a more perfect union, where…. eh, you get the idea.

I adore yarn, and I truly mean that. I hug it and squish it and gasp with wonder at all the beautiful things people make with it. Using it to create things via knitting and crochet gives me a joy I can hardly put into words. With rare exception, I knit and/or crochet daily. It’s my way of winding down, getting out of my own head, and working out the nervous jitters from a busy or trying day.

I also love math. Like Baljeet from “Phineas and Ferb” level of math love. I think it has something to do with the purity and accuracy of it. In the days before map apps, I used to do math equations in my head as I was driving to figure out how much longer it would take for me to arrive at my destination, given my speed and remaining miles. You can imagine my bliss, then, when I first discovered MS Excel spreadsheets and all the fun math I could do, including the bazillion different ways I could chart my mathy goodness. Thankfully, I had a job that smiled upon that obsession, for a little while at least. But even as my job role moved away from the really fun stuff in spreadsheets and charts, I still used it for plotting out designs or ideas for knitting and crochet.

Additionally, I actually enjoy editing documents. I’m not always a huge fan of creating docs from scratch, but I will edit the heck out of anything! I helped out roommates and my husband proofread their papers for school, and helped coworkers on all sorts of work-related documents and communications. I always try to put my best, most accurate work out there, and I love helping others do the same, too.

So in comes kismet, in the form of a Ravelry ad from Joeli offering classes in Tech Editing. I couldn’t believe it! All my passions in one place! After some discussions with my husband and big changes with my day job, I did the classes, enjoying every single minute, and have now embarked on a new career as a Tech Editor. Please check out my Pattern Editing Services page, my page on knitting and crochet Commissions (because I love making things for others), and if you’re up for a(nother) long-winded intro, my About Me and Contact Info page. It’s been a while since I’ve managed a website, so please pardon my dust as I work on getting things up and operational. If you come across a dead link or something looks crazy, please don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention. Believe me, I’ll love you for it.

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