Temporary Editing Hiatus

Many of my clients and social media followers (both business and personal) know that I have been volunteering as an election officer since 2012, and have been a big proponent of getting people to vote. This summer I started a full time staff position in my county’s election office and have been LOVING IT! However, due to the unexpected increase in voter participation this year, our office, along with election offices all over the country, have been a bit (or a lot) overwhelmed with the sudden workload. Seriously, every time we estimate something, or coworkers tell me it “usually slows down a little”, the voters blow everything out of the water. It’s a great problem to have…we’re excited that so many people are trying to be more engaged in the voting process, but most election offices are probably not staffed for the amount of people who’ve decided to start participating this year.

In light of all of this, I’ve had to make the very hard decision to put my beloved Yarn Edit business on hold until after the election is over and done with, which may not be until about 7-10 days after Election Day. I’ve been trying to do both jobs and still see my family occasionally, but it’s not working. I want to be sure that my family, my employer & coworkers, and my tech editing clients all get the best me they can get…not some tired facsimile of me. And if I’m completely honest with myself, that is what all three groups have been getting the last week or two: a very tired, drained, super-low-on-toner version of me.

So, what does that mean for all my incredibly supportive and wonderful clients? That means starting today, I will not be taking on any new projects until after I come back from the election next month. I have a few clients that I’m either mid-project or they’re edited, but still “pre-launch”, and I will continue to support those clients, finishing any work owed, doing last-checks before launch, sharing their launches on social media, and that sort of thing. I won’t leave anyone hanging (and if I do, please bug me).

In the meantime, GO VOTE! If you’re not sure about your voting options in your area, don’t make assumptions or listen to some over-opinionated twit. Instead, please please please please PLEASE call your local election office and/or check their webpage. They’re there to help you and they will have the most accurate information for your voting needs, as well as be able to check your registration for you (so you don’t have to waste time registering if you’re already on the rolls) and can give you info on your voting options.

I hope everyone understands, and I’m looking forward to a safe Election Day, and then a nice long nap, some quality yarn time, and my editing after this election is over.

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