Election Hiatus, June 2021

It’s that time again! If you’re a Virginia resident, you know that I’m talking about the primary election coming up next month. As was the case for the last election, I will need to take the next several weeks off from editing in order to focus on my job at my local election office. Though the turnout will likely be a lot lower than November, there’s still a lot of work to be done because we’ve already begun early/absentee voting, and fully expect those days to get longer the closer we get to Election Day.

I meant to get this out a couple days ago, but May kinda snuck up on me, so: from now until mid-June, I will try to keep up with emails and finish up clients who already had projects in progress, but I will not be able to take any new projects until after I return next month. If your timeline is flexible and you don’t mind waiting until I “re-open”, wonderful! If you can’t wait, I understand, too, but please still keep in touch in the meantime.

Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your yarn!

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