Tech Editing Around Virginia Elections

After a year at my job at my local election office, I’ve found that it can be quite the balancing act to work full time and do tech editing. I’ve found if I go on an editing hiatus about a month before the election until about a week afterwards, that it seems to work best for everyone. I’m not trying to squeeze editing in around extended office hours or force my exhausted brain to work clearly after a hectic day, and my wonderful clients get a well-rested editor to evaluate their creations.

Sadly, one area of my tech editing that has continued to suffer, despite my best efforts, has been this page, where I’ve either posted the hiatus start late or I post my return late (or not at all…..*ahem*). In an attempt to make it easier to determine if I’m in or out of the “office”, I’ve included the link to Upcoming Elections in Virginia. Since we vote every year in Virginia (both a primary in June and a general in November, plus any number of special elections any time during the year, or town elections in May), it can be hard to keep track, even for those of us who do the job. 🙂 That link is a state run website, so it should always be accurate.

So if you click on that link and and it’s within a month before that date or less than a week afterward, you can consider me Out of the Office. Contact me here or email me directly if you have any questions or so I can get you on the schedule, and please understand it may take 2-3 business days to get back to you during those weeks due to the long hours. Otherwise, I am open for business!

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