Found a fun knit or crochet item that you just have to have? Or want to give someone a special hand-made gift? I can help make it happen for you!

I price my commissions on the basic Materials + Labor principle: Yarn cost & Pattern cost (if applicable) + 10 cents per yard of yarn stitched. Shipping is extra.

For example, a small shawl made from a hand-dyed merino blend, from a pattern you found (that I don’t already have a copy of) that uses 400 yards might look something like this:

$20 – yarn cost
$5 – pattern cost
$40 – labor (10 cents x 400 yards)
$65 for a hand-made shawl

Reach out to me via email or my contact form, we’ll discuss what you want to make (I can help you find patterns or you can bring one to me), yarn color and fiber content, my estimated price, and the approximate time I would need to procure the yarn and create your request. Once you decide to move forward, half the estimate is due upfront, the rest due when the project is completed.

If you’re bringing a pattern to me, the pattern must allow me to use it for paid projects (i.e. they must be ok with me making money off their design). Some designers don’t allow this, which I completely respect. Some may allow permission if you reach out to them beforehand, but this can sometimes take time to hear back, and there’s no guarantee that permission will be granted. Some designers openly state that they are comfortable with knitters and crocheters making a profit from their designs. Those will be the patterns that will work best for a commission.

Curious on what kind of items I’ve made over the years? I have a few of my completed projects shared with the public on Ravelry. This represents about 10 or 15% of the projects I’ve done over the years, many of which are teacher gifts for my kids’ teachers.