About Me

Hi, I’m Colleen. I’m a yarn addict and I love math and spreadsheets. No, seriously, I do. I get an incredible sense of accomplishment editing documents, especially knitting or crochet patterns, double-checking the math, and helping someone else look their absolute best! I completely understand how a designer or author can get blind to typos or errors on their document that they’ve been staring at for days or weeks, and have always appreciated it when someone else has been a second set of eyes for me on my own work.

I am a perfectionist. Since I believe my work to be a direct reflection of me, I strive for perfection in all I do (except maybe housework). This started back when I was a kid in school, and I continued it on in my professional career, earning the appreciation and trust of bosses and coworkers for my meticulous approach and dedication to do the absolute best every time, every day. I also bring that drive into my volunteer work, wanting to be sure that those I’m helping get the best help I can possibly provide.

I taught myself to knit while still in college in the late 1990’s. I’m not exactly sure what drew me in, since no one in my immediate family were knitters, but I fell in love with creating with yarn. And after finding so many crochet patterns that I wanted to make, I finally taught myself in 2012 and never looked back.

Since leaving my job of 18 years at a major telecom company, I’ve been looking to do something I’m truly passionate about. When I heard about pattern editing, I knew I found it. As much as I love knitting and crocheting, I knew that I needed more of a challenge. Helping others ensure their written instructions match their charts, that their stitch counts add up properly, and their garment sizing is correct, is the perfect mixture of my passions: yarn, math, and figuring out puzzles.

Interested in learning more about this process? Check out my Technical Editing Services page, email me or contact me through my webform. Want to know what my clients have to say about me? You can find that on my Testimonials page. Additionally, you can read more about me on my first blog post, or find me as Yarn Edit on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Ravelry (as Wineplz).

Me with my husband and our three crazy boys.